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A Student-focused Curriculum

At KPHS, we pride ourselves on our unique style of education. We offer core curriculum classes along with multiple electives that are personally meaningful for our student body. We prepare students for college, while also preparing them for life. Our personalized approach also includes an Advocacy Program which fosters additional skills needed to succeed. These include goal setting, executive functioning, organizational, and self-advocacy skills. With the help of their faculty advocate, students create an Individualized Career Plan to set and track personal and post-graduation goals.

Keystone faculty are experienced educators trained in the best educational practices and familiar with different styles of learning. More than half have advanced degrees or ESE certification. They work collaboratively across classrooms to create an organic support system that fosters the academic, social, and emotional growth of each student. 


Students must obtain four (4) credits of English, four (4) credits of Math, three (3) credits of Science, three (3) credits of Social Studies, one (1) credit of HOPE, one (1) credit of Fine Arts, and eight (8) credits of Electives within their four years of high school.

English I **
World Literature **
American Literature **
British Literature **

Algebra I **
Algebra II **
Geometry **
Pre-Calculus **

Biology **
Chemistry **
Environmental Science **
Forensic Science
Integrated Science **

Anthropology **
Ethics **
Economics with Financial Literacy **
US History **
US Government **
World Cultural Geography
World History **

Art in World Cultures  
Creative Writing (1, 2, 3,** & 4 **)
Humanities Survey
Music of the World
Painting 1 (Two Dim. Studio Art prerequisite)
Two-Dimensional Studio Art


** Honors credit is available. Students can take regular, honors, and advanced placement (AP) courses.

Various FLVS Courses are also available based on student interest. The State of Florida requires every student to take one FLVS course before graduation to better prepare them for college.  Link to FLVS

Note: Not all courses need to be offered every semester. The courses are offered on a rotating basis, dependent on availability and student interest. It takes 6 students to make a class.


KPHS provides specific accommodations based on a student’s unique needs. Our staff uses IEPs, 504s and psycho-educational evaluations to determine how those accommodations should be administered and applied in the classroom setting.


College Entrance Exams are an important step in applying to a college or university. A score is also needed in order to Dual Enroll during the Junior or Senior year. Please use the links below to register for these important tests. If your student requires accommodations for testing, please contact us.

To register for the SAT

To register for the ACT


Academic Tracks

Keystone Prep delivers a highly competitive college preparatory education. We welcome learners from all backgrounds and provide three tracks of course study so our students can individualize their education. These are:

1) Standard Track: A traditional diploma path
2) Technical Track: A four-year high school program that prepares students for a two-year college or training program
3) Honors Track: An advanced college prep program, with recommendation from administrators and teachers

Criteria to Graduate

At KPHS, we offer the Florida Department of Education 24-course requirement. Within these requirements, we offer Honors credit, Advanced Placement, and Dual-Enrollment options through Hillsborough Community College and St. Pete College. We prepare students for the Bright Futures scholarship and provide credit recovery when necessary. We also have the Access Point courses in our Réussir program. In addition, we are equipped to provide additional educational options for students past the typical four years or accelerate a student to help them graduate early.

Florida Virtual

Keystone Prep High School has partnered with Florida Virtual School to increase the electives we can offer for our students. Our new model is a Blended Learning Community which incorporates the best of FLVS and the classroom setting. An FLVS Coordinator is in direct contact with our KPHS facilitator to properly monitor the progress of our students. In addition, all the FLVS teachers provide a weekly report regarding each student’s progress. This program allows our students to have additional support and reinforcements in their independent learning environment.
For more information about electives or credit recovery


When the need arises that a KPHS student requires additional support, our teachers are our first line of defense. Always eager to help further explain their lessons, our teaching staff has dedicated time each day when they can be accessed by a student in need. KPHS has a list of tutors that may be accessed privately either after school or on weekends. In addition, KPHS works closely with Hillsborough County Public Schools to serve those students who may receive either Title I tutoring or support services through the Parentally Placed Private School Students (PPPSS) program. We also provide specially skilled tutors during our eighth hour. Parents can request these services at a cost.




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