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Giving Each Student the Keys to Success

Located in the heart of Hillsborough County, Keystone Prep serves students in grades 9 -12. Our students will experience what is good in all good schools, but something much more in our different approach. At KPHS, we are dedicated to teaching students to celebrate who they are and how to enjoy their own level of accomplishment, while striving to reach pinnacles of success they have not previously achieved. We want students to be themselves, as our faculty encourages them to become the best version of that self. Our staff is carefully selected for their ability to encourage each student’s unique gifts in our kind and nurturing learning environment. We are a small school on purpose.  An average teacher to student ratio is 1:8 This ensures our students have the personalized attention they need to succeed daily. KPHS has a very strong record of alumni achievements. The graduating class of 2019 received $430,000.00+ in college and university scholarships. That was not done by just a few bright students but by 89% of the senior class.  We are selective in our enrollment when choosing both parents and students. The “quality” of education our students receive is more important to us than the “quantity” of students we take in. Keystone Prep serves students across the Tampa Bay area from: Carrollwood, Citrus Park, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, New Port Richey, Odessa, Safety Harbor, South Tampa, Trinity, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel, Westchase, and Apollo Beach.  This is a great school doing great things in the lives of young people as we partner with parents!


You’re about to enter a school unlike any you’ve experienced. This is a no-nonsense school that specializes in genuinely educating students through a very different approach to learning and life. We value every student who is willing to learn and work with us to fulfill their destiny. It’s an extraordinary place!

An Individualized Approach…

From the moment a student steps into the KPHS classrooms, our staff gets to know them more intimately – as well as learn their desires, challenges, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We strive to address the needs of the WHOLE child and work towards enhancing their school success in every area possible. At KPHS, students are celebrated for their uniqueness and yet they receive targeted intervention when necessary for their areas of weakness. We assist them through more opportunities if they are ahead in their learning or in remediation when needed if they are behind. We don’t try to build further on English, Reading, or Mathematics, if they have a weak foundation without fixing the foundation first. All students receive a customized Individualized Success Plan. If they are gifted, we move them forward in such a way they are untethered. Keystone Prep is a small school on purpose. We want to stay solidly aware of our students’ individual academic, emotional, and social development. No staff can effectively do that in much larger schools. The students can hide or get lost in the shuffle of too many students, while gradually sinking. We partner with our parents, as we allow our students to grow into those academic, social, and emotional areas. Our door is always open to sit down and visit about every child, if parents make an appointment with our administrators. At KPHS we believe the only limits our students have are the ones they put on themselves. We are diligent in our efforts towards each student’s academic and cultural success. We help them adjust their perceptions and break down the barriers that keep them from being their best. When students discover they can excel beyond their dreams, it usually surprises them most of all. It never surprises us… we’ve believed in them from the beginning.

Preparing Them for College or the Workforce…

Our Advocacy Program is dedicated to helping students explore who they are and who they want to be. We help them examine career choices and teach them life skills. This is a four year for credit program where students graduate with a clear direction for their future. The students become a part of their Individualized Career Planas they are prepared for college and for life. The teachers become their advocates as official mentors, while all the faculty and staff act as unofficial life-guides. They continuously encourage students to fulfill their desired destiny while attending our school and having an opportunity to take leadership classes. We prepare them for the college in many ways beyond just the classroom, if they heed the lessons they are being taught. The world is a complex place. Students need life skills to traverse its challenges. Every teacher who implements the Advocacy Program is committed to this goal.



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