Keystone Prep High School


About Keystone Prep…

Get Ready

You’re about to enter a school unlike any you’ve experienced. A school that specializes in educating students through a very different approach to learning and life. Here, every student is celebrated and valued. It’s an extraordinary place!

An Individualized Approach…

From the moment a student steps into the KPHS classrooms, our staff is committed to learning everything we can about them – their desires, challenges, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We strive to address the needs of the WHOLE child and work towards enhancing their achievement and success in every area possible. At KPHS, students are celebrated for their uniqueness and they receive targeted supports when necessary for their areas of weakness. Every student receives a customized Individualized Success Plan. We provide them with more opportunities if they are ahead in their learning or remediation when needed if they are behind. If they are gifted, we help propel them forward in such a way they are untethered. We want to stay solidly aware of our students’ individual academic, emotional, and social development. We are committed to partnering with our parents, as we allow our students to grow in those academic, social, and emotional areas. At KPHS we believe the only limits our students have are the ones they put on themselves and desire to help them discover that they can excel beyond their wildest dreams.

Preparing Them for College or the Workforce…

Our Advocacy Program is dedicated to helping students explore who they are and who they want to be. We help them examine career choices and teach them life skills through emotional and social education. In this four-year program, the students become a part of their Individualized Career Plan as they are prepared for college and for life. The teachers become their advocates and guides as they continuously encourage students to fulfill their desired destiny and help them to develop the skills required to be positive contributing members of society.

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