Keystone Prep High School


Real Students, Real Standards, Unreal Results!

Discover a new kind of school — one that focuses on teaching students the way they learn best. KPHS is a college preparatory high school, where students benefit from small class sizes and a student-teacher ratio of 8:1. Here, every student is accepted and valued. The faculty get to know each student in depth, discovering his or her individual abilities, challenges, strengths, and talents.

Parents and students who select Keystone Prep are interested in a more personalized educational experience where every teacher knows the student well. Teens with average intelligence to the extremely gifted choose KPHS. Our unique approach makes it an ideal place for young people who learn differently and are seeking to become more successful.

Keystone Prep’s academic excellence, advocacy program, character education, enrichment programs, and specialized remediation have a proven track record of creating positive outcomes for students seeking high levels of excellence. Through this comprehensive program, students graduate with the knowledge and executive function processes and skills that will prepare them for success in college and in life.

(Based on the number of graduating seniors who applied to post-secondary institutions)

The best way to discover what makes Keystone Prep such a transformational experience is to schedule a family visit. I look forward to meeting you!

— Mrs. Gabrielle Pomales, Admissions Coordinator

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