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Real Students, Real Standards, Unreal Results!

Discover a new kind of school — one that focuses on teaching students the way they learn best. KPHS is a college preparatory high school, where students benefit from small class sizes and a student-teacher ratio of 8:1. Here, every student is accepted and valued. The faculty get to know each student in depth, discovering his or her individual abilities, challenges, strengths, and talents.

Parents and students who select Keystone Prep are interested in a more personalized educational experience where every teacher knows the student well. Teens with average intelligence to the extremely gifted choose KPHS. Our unique approach makes it an ideal place for young people who learn differently and are seeking to become more successful. Students do not need to have an IEP to attend. 

Keystone Prep’s academic excellence, advocacy program, character education, enrichment programs, and specialized remediation determine positive outcomes for students who were previously unsuccessful in achieving high levels of attainment. Through this comprehensive program, students graduate with the knowledge and executive function processes and skills that will prepare them for success in college and in life.

Three Academic Tracks

Keystone Prep delivers a highly competitive college preparatory education. We welcome learners from all backgrounds and provide three tracks of course study so our students can individualize their education. These are:

1) Standard Track: A traditional diploma path
2) Technical Track: A four-year high school program that prepares students for a two-year college or training program
3) Honors Track: An advanced college prep program, with recommendation from administrators and teachers

Who We Serve

We are uniquely qualified to serve the diverse needs of our students. These include:

  • Average students who prefer smaller classes and more individualized learning support
  • Gifted students who want to focus more on their passions
  • Students who feel lost or overlooked in larger school environments
  • Students who are off track due to negative peer influences at previous schools
  • Students who get behind due to medical or mental health delays and need to get back on track for graduation
  • Students who learn differently
  • Students who require accommodations

The Réussir Program

For students who need additional assistance and accommodations for diagnosed cognitive learning disabilities, we offer the Réussir Program. Réussir students must be able to manage in a classroom of 8 students to 1 teacher with no individual aids. Students experience mainstreaming based on teacher recommendation and student adaptability and comfort level. This modified high school program provides these students the opportunity to succeed, through differentiated instruction, life skills development, career readiness, and transitional services.  Learn more >

The best way to discover what makes Keystone Prep such a transformational experience is to schedule a family visit. I look forward to meeting you!

— Mrs. Gabrielle Pomales, Admissions Coordinator



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