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Student Activites

We inspire students to enhance their strengths and design their future plans.

Art Club

Students will be exploring a wide variety of mediums and genres of art. They will engage in a range of drawing, painting, decoupage, sculpture and mixed media projects; learning new techniques and experimenting with elements like texture, repetition, and color. Through their creative tasks, students will also learn pertinent historical/cultural context related to their projects.

Chess Club

Learn to play chess and advance your thinking skills in competitive endeavors that build the mind.

Robotics Club

Science fiction has become science fact with robots and robotics. Robotics members work in teams to develop new designs and concepts, so they should be able to communicate their ideas clearly. They must also be able to analyze data and make decisions. Become part of Keystone’s exciting robot building adventures. We are participating in the Tampa area robotic events and are having a blast! Join the Knights of Cavalry.

Yearbook Club

Students who like photography, working on the computer, and layout design can make great contributions to the Yearbook organization.  Team members have an important job for the school in publishing and selling a product that they are responsible for creating.

Student Handbook

Student Gallery

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