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Developing Talents and Interests

KPHS’s individualized approach tailors club offerings to students’ interests. These have included everything from culinary arts to gaming, robotics to volleyball. Each club is designed to inspire students to develop their talents, explore their passions, and make meaningful connections beyond the classroom.

All club offerings for the school year will be based on student interest and availability.


For students who loves the artistic process and want to become better artists. Art and Design is an after-school activity that provides materials, instruction, and support for students who are seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule. All students are given the ability to explore mediums such as: drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography.

For students interested in food prep and creating new dishes. The purpose of the Culinary Club is to provide an environment for students to socialize, be creative, learn cooking skills, and have fun. Culinary Club students prepare food and enjoy eating the results.

For students interesting in developing and enhancing strong communication skills. By participating in the KPHS Debate Club, students will learn vital skills such as communication, leadership, oration, and argumentation. At the club there will be a series of lectures, interactive drill sessions, and an end-of-the-year in-house debate competition among the students.

For students interested in improving both gaming and socialization skills. Open to all students, Gaming offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of gaming activities and learn game theory. Gaming Club provides students with an opportunity to socialize with other students while simultaneously learning various skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

For students wanting to be able to play the guitar or advance personal guitar skills. Open to all grade levels, Guitar Club offers students the opportunity to meet with other guitar players after school to learn new songs and new techniques. Guitar Club provides members with an informal atmosphere where playing, learning, and having fun is the emphasis.

For students seeking to improve grades/scores. Faculty and staff assist students in improving academic achievement by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills. Offered for all core academic courses as well as elective courses.

For students who want to participate in engineering and robotics on a competitive level. In the Robotics club, students will solve engineering challenges and design and construct a robot that will compete in local and/or regional FTC tournaments. The season runs from mid-September to April, depending on our success at competitions. All grades and skill levels are invited to join, no experience necessary. Participants will experience team building while having fun and learning a variety of engineering, technology, and computing skills.

For students who want to be better Volleyball players leading up to playing for KPHS on a team. We strive to teach, develop, and enhance the fundamentals of the sport at all levels so players can reach their full potential in the game. We offer opportunities to participate and advance in the sport for youth recreational and competitive players.

For students interested in creating the KPHS Yearbook. Students learn the fundamental skills in research, copy-writing, photography, theme development, and design required to produce an annual publication. In addition to designing pages, students also help out with various other yearbook-related tasks, including selling yearbooks, photography, working on promotions, and eventually yearbook distribution.

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