Keystone Prep High School

Réussir Program

A Student-focused Curriculum

Keystone Prep’s Réussir Program is a self-contained classroom for students who need additional assistance and accommodations for special needs. Reussir students must be able to manage with teacher guidance, in a classroom of 8 students to 1 teacher with no individual aids. This modified high school program provides these students the opportunity to succeed, through differentiated instruction, life skills development, career readiness, and transitional services. The curriculum is modified to meet students’ cognitive abilities and satisfies the requirements of the Florida Standards Access Points. Réussir students graduate with a standard diploma.

Réussir students benefit from being part of a thriving and nurturing high school community. The class integrates with the entire school body for lunch, events such as prom and assemblies and elective classes which may include art, engineering, psychology, forensics, public speaking, and journalism.

Students are given the opportunity to mainstream into our general education classes based on teacher recommendation and whether the student feels comfortable with the change.

Who the Program Serves:

Students diagnosed with cognitive learning disabilities

Réussir is a French word meaning “to succeed.” The word is identified in greater detail as being associated with: to achieve, to do well, forge ahead, and succeed. Those are the exact descriptors we seek for students who enroll in the program.

Students selected for the Réussir Program benefit from a rigorous educational model that best prepares them for true life experiences. This program will assist, develop, and guide them into achieving their greatest potential to become contributing and productive, successful members of society.
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