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To offer a holistic and individualized approach to high school, where students with unique learning styles thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

Dig into Experiential Learning

Our students learn best with hands-on, multisensory projects that engage them in their own education. Whether it’s conducting an on-campus archeology dig, creating a water purification system, or building a 40-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower out of pizza boxes, Keystone Prep students dive into active learning.

Réussir Program: A School within a School

The Réussir Program was created for students struggling in a traditional classroom, despite accommodations and interventions, the Réussir Program is a great choice. The program provides students the opportunity to succeed through a modified high school program, with life skills development, career readiness, and transitioning skills.

Giving Each Student the Keys to Success

When students walk through our doors, they enter a learning community designed just for them. Keystone Prep’s individually-tailored program allows students to explore their passions and receive targeted intervention for their areas of challenge. Faculty serve as mentors, helping students regain confidence and reignite the joy of learning.



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