Keystone Prep High School


KPHS Knights

Welcome to Keystone Prep High School Athletics, home of the Knights. KPHS’s Athletic Department carries out the mission of the school by developing the physical and personal growth of each student-athlete. The program is designed to build character, promote sportsmanship and teamwork, and inspire individual growth and school spirit.

Our athletic program has been designed to meet the needs of all students. We offer a variety of sports and athletic activities, so each student can participate in an activity they are passionate about.

The athletic department is committed to providing a safe and competitive environment that helps promote physical and emotional growth of all student-athletes. It is an athlete’s privilege to represent KPHS on the athletic field and the students must strive for athletic achievement without sacrificing their academic standards.

Forms Required for Athletic Participation

All student-athletes are required to have the following forms completed and turned in before they can participate in any athletic programs at Keystone Prep High School. All forms must be completed. This includes practice sessions.