Keystone Prep High School

Affording KPHS

Tuition and Fees for Students in Tracks 1-3:

Discounts for Enrolling Early, Payment in Full, and Multiple Students in One Family:

  • Early enrollment discount is $200. Payment must be received by March of existing year for the coming school year.
  • Discount for payment in full is 3% off the total balance due after all scholarships are deducted.
  • Sibling discount is $500. Applies to families with more than one child enrolled at KPHS.
  • Parents paying in full, in advance, or to receive discounts for siblings, should see the Business Manager.

Réussir student tuition and services include a full-time ESE Specialist and a customized Individualized Career Capability Plan for each student, along with countless other customized services and the Ascend Program:

Important Note:  All financial arrangements are made via the Admissions Coordinator and with the Head of School. The Business Manager is responsible to oversee the contracts for financial aid. 

Financial Aid

We encourage parents to apply for state funded scholarships. We accept the GardinerMcKay, and Florida Tax Credit Scholarships. We also offer Keystone Prep Scholarships on a more limited basis.  LEARN MORE

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