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Financial Aid

Together, we’ll help you navigate the finanical aid process.

State Funded Scholarships

We encourage parents to apply for state funded scholarships. We accept the Gardiner, McKay, and Florida Tax Credit Scholarships. We also offer Keystone Prep Scholarships based on a third-party verification of need, reviewed by an outside agency. If your child currently has an IEP, 504, Diagnosed Learning Challenge or Disability, or Psychoeducational Evaluation, we can guide you through the scholarship process, customizing the financial package. To view the requirements for each scholarship, please visit the Florida Department of Education School Choice:

The financial aid packages are processed through FACTS, our third-party system reviewer. Please visit to see if you qualify for financial aid, based on availability of funds. It takes about two weeks for the application to be verified, once all the required documentation is provided.

Keystone Prep Scholarships 

Keystone Prep Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: 

  • Completion of the full financial aid documents required via FACTS
  • Financial need verified tax records from both parents with custody records when necessary
  • Continuing scholarships are based on several factors, such as parent support, the student being in good standing, the student completing work study requirements if they exist, the student being a positive role model, and if the student has good attendance, grades, and minimal tardies.

FACTS will provide a financial aid report to Keystone Prep High School, indicating the amount of financial need the parent qualifies for and the parent’s ability to pay, as it relates to the yearly tuition. Then the Keystone Prep Scholarship committee reviews the application and determines if a student also qualifies to receive a KPHS Scholarship.

Scholarship funds are donated or raised by the school community. Families who receive scholarships will be required to participate in school fundraising events that support the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Agreements 

All financial arrangements are made via the Admissions Coordinator and with the Head of School. The Business Manager is responsible to oversee the contracts and requirements for financial aid. Families whose students receive scholarships must ensure their child does not violate those contractual scholarship agreements or fail to complete their Work Study programs, per their contract. If they do, the family will be billed for and must pay back the previously gifted funds.

All scholarship students must adhere to the agreed upon conditions and terms set forth in the signed family contract to receive Keystone Prep High School Scholarships. This includes students with Work Study obligations for reduced tuition assistance. Since the inception of Work Study programs in June 2016, 100% of KPHS students have completed their required contracts. 

Keystone Prep High School is in the business of helping families and their children succeed. Do not let a lack of financial provisions limit opportunities you may not realize are there to assist you. Schedule a visit today to learn how we can partner together to help make a Keystone Prep education a possibility for your child. 




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