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mission, vision, and values

Mission and Vision


To offer a unique approach to high school where students with different learning styles thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.


Keystone Prep High School is working to become a nationally recognized educational model with individualized support systems, for students who think and learn differently. This will propel each student to be a successful, independent self-sufficient, creative problem solver, who is a responsible contributing member of society.



We never stop challenging our students to achieve their personal best in academic excellence, emotional capabilities, and social relationships. We focus on removing the barriers to success, not lowering the bar. By providing a personalized learning environment and evidence-based instruction, we can engage teens to achieve levels of higher success.  We want them to master helping themselves, so they can develop the art of helping others.


No one succeeds alone. We instill in our students to be forever grateful to those whose resources and time provide them the opportunity to succeed. Students learning this valuable lesson will give back or pay it forward to others. We believe that when serving a greater good before one’s own needs, we build better communities and a more caring society. We encourage our students to ask themselves daily, who can I help today?


We ensure students realize their maximum potential while creating a learning environment where they thrive. Students are encouraged to pursue their personal passions, as the staff understands their interests. We help them see how success is possible through better understanding their uniqueness. By believing in their ability to grow, we accommodate their needs, deliver countless accommodations, and most importantly, we never give up on our students!


We want to teach our students to look at the world through the lens of another. We want them to practice thinking how they relate to the world and not how the world relates to them. We teach students to be mindful of the people around them every day. Can I open a door for some one? Am I being too loud? Is someone trying to study? All these are questions encourage students to ask themselves how they impact others, not how others impact them. They mature emotionally and socially. By encouraging them to be more caring, it also helps them be more considerate at home and in life.


Diversity is important for our students to grasp, knowing the world is full of unique individuals.  We educate our students to relate to those different than they are. As they understand the challenges, they will be more accepting of others and less judgmental. Students must respect differences in our culture and the world around us. This does not mean students compromise their beliefs, but rather accepts that it is ok to be different. A key to life is learning to be polite and courteous to all people.



Neither mankind, nor the world will be perfect. We commit to doing the best we can with what we have at the time. Supporting others is the cornerstone to making students the best they can be. The world is then a much better place for future generations.



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