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Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome to Keystone Prep High School… on behalf of our entire school community!

Keystone Prep High School is an extraordinary place, dedicated to serving young adults as they grow and mature in their high school experience. Our students are extremely intelligent but seek a school that allows them to be uniquely who they are every single day. We applaud individuality and personality, while supporting the students as they explore their learning and passions. We work with young people whose educational abilities range from average intelligence to the extremely giftedOur students come to us from all over the greater Tampa Bay area, some driving as far as Apollo Beach, to attend this great school made so by our wonderful staff. We are small because we are relatively unknown yet, but also intentionally. Being smaller is good. Keystone Prep is a traditional college prep school that can deliver a very different individualized approach, due to its size. We are a “student centered” school. What does that mean? Many parents have told us their child was not excelling near capacity, before coming to our school. They expressed that their student was bright but seemed to miss delivering their best work more often, in rare cases even leading to a desire not to attend school at all. That changes at Keystone Prep.

,Our goal is to push the very best minds by training them in leadership, instill in the average learner a desire to become their best, and to bring along those students who forgot how great they can be. We are eclectic on purpose. The diversity mix and intellect variances do great things for all of them. By partnering with our parents and employing only dedicated and excited faculty members to educate, we find the right blend of what works best for each student. We deliver this by using an Individualized Success Plan, for each student. Students at Keystone Prep get excited about learning and what they can do, while they discover who they can become. They are also kind and nurturing to others. We teach them to be so. This process takes time, from when they start to where they finish, incredible changes occur. We want them all four years if possible, for this evolution to happen. It is a rewarding experience for both students and faculty, as they move towards shared goals together, seeing them become a reality. The staff at Keystone Prep go above and beyond to support your child. Come and see!                                                                                                                                                                  

Mrs. Petrillo
Head of School



Mrs. Petrillo

Head of School

Who We Serve. KPHS welcomes learners from all backgrounds. We work with young people whose educational ability ranges from average intelligence to extremely gifted.



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