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Message From The Head

The Head’s Welcome

Keystone Prep is an extraordinary place filled with extraordinary people all working together toward one common goal, to help our students emerge from high school with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful on the path that they choose. At Keystone Prep, we believe that education should be inclusive and hands-on and have worked to build an academic program that reflects that. We believe that we have the privilege of helping students to learn to navigate the emotional and social challenges they will undoubtedly face and, as such, have created a program dedicated to helping our students to develop those important emotional and social skills. Encouraging our students to not only think about their futures but to also develop a plan and goals is another foundational element of Keystone Prep. Our Advocacy Program serves as the basis for our career and college exploration as we desire that every student becomes a life-long learner and believe that our students should have a part in that plan.

Having said that, please take your time and “get to know us.” There is so much more to learn about Keystone Prep, and we are delighted that you have expressed an interest in our school and what we have to offer. We hope that the time spent here, on our website, will be time well spent and ultimately lead to you and your student to come and visit Keystone Prep where you will see, first-hand, what makes us so extraordinary!

Ben Pomales
Head of School

Keystone Prep

Ben Pomales
Head of